Awesome Sprays - Sinus, Sleep, Bug

We've created the scent for you.  Sleep Spray - filled with Lavender essential oil to relax you into slumberland.  Bug Spray - 5 different essential oils to keep the biting inscets away.  Sinus Spray - filled with eucalyptus to reduce swelling of nasal passages to relieve breathing.  Ocean Mist - fragrance oils of cucumber melon and sea fresh for a really fresh spirtz wherever you need to clear the air.  Woodland retreat - a favorite piney scent, we captured the outdoor woodsy goodness and bottled it!

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Bug Spray
You found us.  Creator of the best bug spray made from 100% essential oils.  Stop swatting..
Based on 3 reviews.
Sinus Spray
Sinus Spray - a soothing combination of distilled water and an alcohol mixture with eucalyptus essen..
Based on 1 reviews.
Sleep Spray
Trouble sleeping?  Restless nights?  Try our Sleep Spray. Lavender essential oil is known ..
A fresh piney fragrance spray made from essential oils that will remind you of warm fall weather ..
Blue Spruce Room Spray
How about a wonderful holiday scent in a bottle?  Our Blue Spruce soap is now in a room spray. ..