Massage Candle - Rose and Friends

Massage Candle - Rose and Friends
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Techinal difficulties - I know the picture is upside down.

A soothing combination of moisturizing plant oils and butters to ease into a sensual massage experience. This penetrating candle is used when a quarter size puddle has formed before pouring on skin. This allows the oils and butters to cool slightly to prevent burning. Massage in skin for a wonderful feeling of softness. Can be used without heating for extra dry skin. All candles are scented lightly with geranium and lavender with some other great essential oils. Light before entering the shower or bath, when finished you may rub on any dry skin area.  Known to keep heels soft and it does wonders for cuticles.  Ingredients cocoa butter, shea butter, soy butter, avocado, sesame, hemp, apricot, coconut and aloe vera oils, soy wax, beeswax, geranium, lavender and some other essential oils.  Available in an 6 oz tin which includes and extra wick and instructions