I recently purchased your foot scrub at the Lechworth craft show and just wanted to tell you how much of a difference it has made! I talked with you briefly about how my feet were always disgusting from constantly running and developing calluses. Your foot scrub helped make my feet the smoothest they have ever been, and without the calluses it was a lot more comfortable to run. Without having to think about my hurting feet rubbing in my spikes, I had some of the best races of my career! Last weekend I traveled to the state meet to compete and (you guessed it!) the foot scrub traveled with me. Thanks again, and I'm sure I will be purchasing more soon!

Kelly H, New York

I purchased one bottle of your almond skin lotion, and I absolutely love it. For the first time in years my heels are not all cracked and split. I was able to wear sandals this summer without being embarrassed.

Kathy N, Pennsylvania

I am so thankful for Heal My Sole Products. When I had chapped lips, the lip balm moisturized my lips overnight and I now I use it everyday in the harsh winter weather. The foot scrub has helped my feet become more beautiful. The exfoliation process is important, and I found the product to be abrasive enough to be effective, yet mild enough to seem like I was applying moisturizing lotion. One warning though - if you have athelete's feet or open wounds like I had, this Dead Sea Salt may cause temporay burning - but it was so worth it. I am also very fond of the body/facial lotion. I have no idea what the secret ingedient is, but when I use this lotion on my chapped hands and elbows, it turns my skin into baby butt smoothness. Use generously if you want to maintain this incredible softness. I also use this lotion as an after shave moisturizing lotion. It leaves my post-shaved skin very moist and I smell like a tropical rainforest afterwards.

Charlie, Myrtle Beach, SC

I just had to write to thank you for making such a wonderful product! The creamy foot scrub and the lavender creme are the best products I have ever used on my feet and hands. I also have a bit of dry skin on my knees and elbows and I have been using both products there also and everything looks shinny and new. I will be back for more and I will also be sure to tell all my friends about your products.

Dolores, Coudersport, PA

Recently we stayed at West Gate Motor Inn, Coudersport, PA. There were samples of your product desplayed there in the lobby. I purchased 2 jars of Lavender Cream and 2 bottles of the Heal My Sole Almond Lotion. I have eczema and other minor skin problems. I used your cream on my hands which were like very old weathered cow hide, also cracked and painful. I noticed immediate relief and the next morning my hands were 90% better. You have several terrific products and intend to spread the good word.

Barbara P, New York

I came across these product line at a fall festival at Wachusetts Mtn. (in Central MA) a few weeks ago. I purchased the unscented Bath/Massage Oil in the larger size because I was looking for a good quality carrier oil for a fragrant essential oil I had at home. The end result is awesome! I apply this oil after taking my shower (especially after pool exercise which tends to be tough on one's skin). It gets quickly absorbed on partially wet skin and is just so very soothing!

Rita, Auburn MA

Lotion does, indeed, rock! I'm a big fan! (Don't even get me started on the foot scrub, and the linen spray, and the hand lotion....)

Kathy, Rochester NY