Goat Milk SOAP

Goat Milk SOAP

Soap!  You've been asking for it so I'm delivering - with the help of the post office - to your front door!

Made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil, tallow, shea butter and either essential oil or some really fun fragrance oils.

This bar is in eco friendly, recyclable, biodegradable packaging all set to wrap for a gift.  For you?  Keep this awesome smelling soap in your car and let the summer heat release the scent.  Who wouldn't want to carpool with you?

All soaps weigh 4.8 to 5 ounces or more.

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Dog Flea and Tick Soap with Goat Milk
We LOVE to bathe our dogs - right?  So let's give them a soapy, sudsy bath with some essential ..
Lilac Goat Milk Soap
They quietly munch on grass and  give us the goodness of their milk to make dairy products and ..
Apple Jack n Peel Goat Milk Soap
Introducing a newbie for the season - Apple Jack N Peel Goat Milk Soap - love the crisp apple scent ..
Artisan - Tardis Soap
Ever watch the TV series Dr. Who?  Then you know what a Tardis is!  How about a Tardis soa..
Baby Powder Goats Milk Soap
Awww a baby powder with a touch of vanilla is so soft and pleasent smelling.  Just the right to..
Blue Spruce Goats Milk Soap
For a limited time - Blue Spruce Goats Milk soap - woodsy pine with a touch of citrus you will ..
Dune Grass Goats Milk Soap
Dune grass....Dune grass....hmmm let me describe the scent - soft, calm, not sweet, but fresh, a tad..
Goats Milk Oatmeal
Goats Milk Oatmeal - no fragrance.  If you have sensitive or itchy skin this soap should d..
Lavender goats milk soap
Ahh one whiff of this bar of soap and the pure lavender essential oil have you calm in no time...
Patchouli Sandalwood Goats Milk Soap
If you love a really good patchouli (and who doesn't) and a pleasent aroma of sandalwood then y..
Peppermint Goats Milk Foot scrub soap
Boy that's a mouthful!  Peppermint Goats Milk Foot scrub soap! What is it?  Simply a si..
Peppermint Goats Milk Soap
This soap has the wow factor of peppermint essential oil.  If you need that extra pick me up in..