ESSENTIAL (Organic) Oil and Fragrance Oil

100% pure essentials oils of only the highest quality.  We also offer Organic Essential oils. Our supplier is prominate in their field and only offers high quality essential oils after 106 years in business they're in the know!

Directly from our wholesaler:  "Every essential oil lot is run through GC and physical testing before it is accepted into inventory, to ensure it meets our high standards. As an NOP (National Organic Program) certified supplier, we can offer organic materials as well as 100% natural pure and food-grade essential oils, many of which we source directly from farms around the world."

Fragrance oils are man made to minic the natural essesence and should never be ingested.  All our fragrance oils are philate free.

Pick your favorite to set your mood or lift your spirits.

EO's are very concentrated use sparingly, keep out of the reach of children and pets. Always dilute with a carrier oil before applying to skin with the execption of tea tree and lavender.

All products below come in 1/2 oz bottles. Choose your favorites or try a different one today.

All oils will come with a small pipette for your convenience.  Please rinse after each use.  

Also see 50 Ways to use Essential Oils!

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Oregano Essential Oil - Organic
Oregano esssential oil (organic) is becoming ever popular because of the vast properties it off..