Oregano Essential Oil - Organic

Oregano Essential Oil - Organic
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Oregano esssential oil (organic) is becoming ever popular because of the vast properties it offers.  A strong scent and a strong oil.

First recognized in ancient Greece for its antibacterial properties where they used it for treating infections. 

Other properties include:

  1. antiviral (think cold and flu season)
  2. antifungal (soaking toes in a warm water bath)
  3. antioxidant (regenerate skin cells indicating that a few drops in a carrier oil and applied nightly will be helpful to aging skin)
  4. anti-inflammatory (rub with carrier oil on swollen area)
  5. digestive (rub on stomach when mixed with a carrier oil),
  6. anti-allergenic (add a few drops to a pan of steaming water and inhale)

As always, respect your esssential oils as they are 100% pure, organic oils, never diluted.  They are strong and only a drop or two is needed and may increase if desired.

Mixes well with lemon and tea tree.