About Us

After living in South Florida for many years, I moved back north to be closer to my friends and family, and with that, the drier air. The lack of humidity in the air, especially during the long winter months, dried out my skin more than ever before. I tried many different types of over-the-counter products from lotions to hand cream, nothing was working to my satisfaction.

In September of 2003, at the suggestion of a friend, I started down the path to what would become Heal My Sole. Long hours of research into skin care products led me to conclude that natural ingredients would be the key to a successful product. I began my trial and error with an all natural foot scrub after all, in Florida, how your feet looked in sandals was an important topic of conversation! After experimenting with several "recipes" I found one that I was very happy with. Like any good focus group, my friends tested the product and made recommendations for improvement. Armed with their input, I went into production! The foot scrub would eventually become the inspiration for the name of the business. I initially sold my foot scrub through a friend who held at-home parties. It was her suggestion to make a hand lotion to compliment the foot scrub.

As the popularity of the product grew, so did the product line. Foot scrub and hand lotion led me to develop my own line of natural lip balm - no petroleum here! Facial steaming herbs, cuticle creme, and bath oils soon followed.

Enjoy your Heal My Sole products knowing they are a labor of love.